August 13, 2022

Is Inflation Back?

Gold will return to monetary preeminence not because it can or should, but because it must. Nixon’s temporary suspension will be exactly that; not because he said so, but rather because at some point there will be no other road forward.

Harwood Economic Review

Table of Contents

Assessing Potential for Higher Inflation
James L. Caton

Monetary Control: Central Banks Today
Alexander William Salter

Inflation Is a Dangerous Way to Get Rid of Debt Burden
Richard M. Ebeling

War of Words Over Inflation Stirs Questions for the Fed
Judy Shelton

Problems of Federal Reserve Policy—and How to Solve Them
Thomas L. Hogan

The Horrors of Hyperinflation
Robert E. Wright  

Sound Money Still Matters
Peter C. Earle


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