August 13, 2022

Special Issue on China

The United States and China are beginning to compete more closely all around the world, and collisions of interest are occurring more frequently. This issue is dedicated to US-China topics.

Harwood Economic Review

Spring 2021

Table of Contents

Why Did the U.S. Copy China on Virus Control?
Stacey Rudin

The West Is Responsible for Its Self-Destruction
Jordan Schachtel

China Attempts to Silence Western Companies On Xinjiang
Ethan Yang

The Uyghurs as Victims of Chinese National Socialism
Richard M. Ebeling

The Simple Logic of Free Markets and Retaliation
Donald J. Boudreaux

Do Allegations of Intellectual-Property Theft Justify Protective Tariffs?
Donald J. Boudreaux 

The Unbearable Drabness of Command Economies
Anthony Gill

A Nuanced Approach to China
Ethan Yang


This article, Special Issue on China, was originally published by the American Institute for Economic Research and appears here with permission. Please support their efforts.