June 25, 2022

Stagflation in the Disco Era

The 1970s brought low levels of economic growth. It is appropriate to look back upon those days today. In this issue of the Harwood Economic Review we are again looking back to the ‘70s, as the worrisome prospects of increasing costs of living amid slowing economic growth are emerging. And with those, the ugliest word in economics has resurfaced: stagflation.

Harwood Economic Review

Table of Contents

Nixonomics in Retrospect: Devaluation and Wage-Price Controls, August 15, 1971
Alan Reynolds

Energy Infamy: Nixon’s 1971 Price Controls Turn 50
Robert L. Bradley Jr.

Nixon’s Gold Treachery Made Me a Cynic
James Bovard

A Tragic Half Century Without Gold Money
Richard M. Salsman

The End of Bretton Woods, Jacques Rueff, and the Monetary Sin of the West 
Lawrence H. White  

The $23 Trillion Question
Peter C. Earle


This article, Stagflation in the Disco Era, was originally published by the American Institute for Economic Research and appears here with permission. Please support their efforts.