June 26, 2022

Stupid Government Rules Create a Pilot Shortage

Plan to fly this summer? Good luck. Delays and cancellations have spiked because government regulations make it so hard to become a pilot.

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After a plane crash in 2009, Congress demanded that all pilots get much more flight time before they could be hired.

The new rule raised the number of hours required from 250 to 1,500 — a sixfold increase.

“That’s a huge jump,” pilot Tracy Price tells me. “It had the effect… of pulling up the ladder.”

Suddenly, fewer people wanted to be pilots.

Not many people have the time or money to get 1,500 hours in the air before they can even apply.

That’s what’s given us today’s pilot shortage, and tomorrow’s flight cancellations.

I’ll show you why the pilot union is celebrating the shortage, and how government’s “safety” rules makes us less safe.