U.S. Senator has a stroke on CNN when asked this one fiery question

Democrat U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren

Politicians don’t like being put on the spot. They’d rather have time to think of a non-answer.

But this U.S. Senator had a stroke on CNN when they were asked this unexpected question.

One of the biggest pieces of news to hit the cycle over the past few months has been the allegations of the Biden family being guilty of multi-million dollar bribery schemes.

The allegations accuse Hunter and Joe Biden of being guilty of using their connections to the White House to rake in millions of dollars from foreign corpos like those at the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

This is all made possible because of Joe Biden’s former position as the Vice President to Barack Obama and his influence that he had there.

There’s plenty of evidence showing that Hunter Biden communicated with many people in a variety of channels and referring to his father as “the big guy” as a way to sell his father’s influence internationally.

All just got get rich quick.

The heat is most certainly on the Biden family right now as calls for impeachment for Joe Biden are growing louder and louder in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Appearing on CNN, top Democrat U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (R-MA) was asked about what she thought about all of this news.

CNN’s Jake Tapper read to her the allegations being lobbed Joe Biden’s way and did say that he doesn’t have evidence substantiating that Joe Biden was directly involved yet.

Though, he asked her from a bird’s eye view what she thought about the Biden’s being guilty of influence peddling, and her response is shocking.

She said she “always worries about influence peddling” but then she quickly changed the subject to take it off of the Bidens.

What did she pivot to? The U.S. Supreme Court of course. She accused the U.S. Supreme Court of being guilty of exchanging judicial preference for gifts, even though there is zero evidence of that happening at all.

“We’ve got a United States Supreme Court where people take gifts and don’t even report them even though the law requires them to report,” Warren said.

Warren in her response to Tapper tried to grandstand this issue and said that she trying to look for ways to make Washington, D.C. more transparent, but that’s hardly believable.

While her response to Tapper is despicable, it’s par for the course for Washington, D.C. Swamp creatures, especially those in the U.S. Senate like Elizabeth Warren.

They are not going to rock the boat by calling out those in their own party for being guilty of gross political ethical violations and potential crimes.

Not when the 2024 election cycle is spinning up and Joe Biden is their only hope of relevancy.

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